Generation is the name given to the older youth group (the teenagers in the church). Many of them helping out with the children’s activities held in the church from the Sunday school, Friday’s Fusion, and the yearly church children’s week called Going Bananas.

They also have their own activities between 8.30 pm to 10 pm on Friday evenings, where they can worship together, pray together and are taught from the word of God. With the church mini bus full they attend youth activities both near and far outside of the church, having their own Saturday meeting within the church at times.


They also have a number of social activities to arrange, from pizza parties in the church, ice skating, bowling, meals out and of course the odd sleep over.

Generation is open to all teenagers, and you are welcome to come along.

Pnacake night

Friday 5th February 2016

Soul Survivor 2015

A number of the church youth went to celebrate in Bath (sadly a number of showers fell at times)

August 2015

Off to the big tent 

Getting the best space for the service

Waiting for the worship to start


Lots of fun (bubbles this time)

Tent city

Chilling out after worship and play times

Need a shop to feed everyone

Lunch time

Then comes the washing up

Christmas in August?

The group in their rain/mud dance?


The Church Youth joined with many hundreds of other young people in Huddersfield

Saturday 15th November 2014

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